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Changing Your Sleeping Position Can Help Your Snoring

In the past few months several polls have been done in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia on bedroom habits. Results were quite varied from one poll to the next, but can you guess what the number one annoying habit was consistently throughout the polls? Snoring!

aveoTSD vs. Good Morning Snore Solution: Which Is Better?

If you are in a market for a tongue stabilizing device (TSD) then you may already know that the two most popular ones are aveoTSD and Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS). You may also know that if you live in America or several other countries, aveoTSD is

The Pros and Cons of Using a Mouthpiece to Treat Snoring

Whether you have recently watched an infomercial on television for a mouthpiece or if your dentist has suggested that you wear one to stop snoring, you are likely full of a lot of questions. You want a solution that actually works, but could it really be as

Choosing The Best Snoring Mouthpiece: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are reading this then you probably fall into one of two categories of snorers. The first is the group of people who have had a snoring problem as far back as they can remember. If this sounds like you then you are likely familiar with

The CPAP Machine – Is it the Anti-Snoring Device for you?

When a person’s snoring is thoroughly investigated and a correlation between snoring and sleep apnea is established then a CPAP machine is often recommended by medical professionals. Suffering from a sleep apnea is a serious matter. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is defined as a sleeping pattern that

Natural Cures for Snoring: Fight Snoring the Natural Way

If snoring is becoming an unwanted presence in your bedroom preventing your bedfellow from getting a good night’s sleep then continue reading. There are as many professed cures to snoring as there are snorers, so be thoughtful and discerning when choosing the right one for you. Discuss

Anti-Snoring Nasal Devices: Which Ones Work?

Nasal devices are all made with one thing in mind. They are aimed at creating greater air flow through the nose and they all assume that the cause of night-time snoring is in the nose and the nasal airways. The cartilage of the nostrils The sides of

Medications and Over-the-counter Solutions for Snoring

There are many over-the-counter anti-snoring products. Some could be useful given the right circumstance and others are over-the-top and way out there! As with most anti-snoring solutions it’s best to look for independent testing and the golden stamp of government approval before trying one of these products.

Useless Snoring Solutions: Buyer Beware!

There’s a whole host of anti-snoring cures available today. The fact that you are reading this article means that you are most likely looking for a snoring solution for yourself or the loveable snorer in your life. In your search for the right solution no doubt you

Stop Snoring Pillows: Do They Actually Prevent Snoring?

Let’s take a look at the anti-snoring pillow and discuss its effectiveness in dealing with the problems of snoring. Anti-snoring pillows are based on the idea that sleeping position is the major cause of snoring. Unfortunately, this is true for only a very few people who snore.