Choose The Best Solution For Your Snoring Problem – Get One That Works!

find-solutionIf you’ve just started surfing the web in search of a solution for your snoring problem then you will know that what I am about to say is true. There are many anti-snoring solutions out there in the world and some of them are just out and out peculiar!

Don’t worry though, even though some of the snoring fixes you will come across are just plain silly there are some that have scientific proof to back them up.

One of these tried and true anti-snoring solutions might just work for you but before you make a selection, you have a few things to figure out first.

Determine Why You Snore

Believe it or not there are different types of snoring but generally the sound of snoring erupts from one of two areas; the mouth or the nose. There are some really easy tests that you can do at home that will help you figure out exactly why you snore.

Get a more detailed description of these tests in the article titled: Determine why you Snore; Tests you can do at Home. It’s important to take the time (and it won’t take you long!) to understand the source of your snoring.

Anti-snoring devices are usually designed with a specific type of snoring problem in mind. While some will work for more than one type of snoring others are limited to treating only a single snoring issue and might not be of use to you at all! Once you have a good idea about what’s causing your snoring then choosing the anti-snoring option that’s right for you will be much easier.

Oral Appliances

This popular and effective group of anti-snoring devices is the #1 choice for the average snorer. Many milder forms of sleep disorder and general snoring problems can be dealt with by using one of these easy to access anti-snoring appliances. Some styles of anti-snoring mouth pieces designed to curb that annoying night-time snoring habit include:

Tongue Retaining Mouthpieces

tongue-retaining-mouthpiecesTongue Retaining Mouthpieces are designed to reposition the tongue which is often the culprit when it comes to snoring. This is what happens; when the tongue slips back it can either block the air passage partially or even entirely. These devices work by pulling the tongue forward.

It sounds like it might be uncomfortable but in fact many people find this style of  tongue retaining mouthpiece quite easy to use and sleep well with it in place.

People with snoring problems have reported favourable results with this type of mouth piece. In fact, the tongue retaining oral appliance is the most effective style of anti-snoring mouth piece available. Read more.

Jaw Retaining Mouthpieces

jaw-retaining-mouthpieceThese mouthpieces are made by a number of different companies and have subtle differences between them. They all work in a similar fashion to move the jaw forward thus making the airway somewhat larger. Look for independent research results that verify successful claims.

People seem to find snoring relief with this type of mouthpiece as well, but this style of oral appliance remains the #2 choice. Even though it’s less expensive than the tongue retaining mouthpiece, what’s more important is; it’s less comfortable and less effective. Read more.

Vestibular Shield

vestibular-shieldVestibular Shield is a plastic oral appliance that fits inside your mouth. Its function is to block the free flow of air inside of your mouth forcing you to breathe through your nose thus preventing you from opening your mouth and snoring.

This will work for some people prone to mouth breathing even though there is nothing blocking the nose and sinus air passages. However it will have obvious limitations for those whose snoring has different causes. Most people find the vestibular shield to be uncomfortable in the mouth and it is generally seen as an ineffective snoring solution.

Nasal Appliances

Nasal strips

nasal-stripsNasal strips can provide some relief for snorers. The nasal strips are worn on the nose and keep the nostrils open. This is good for people who snore from the nose but studies show that most snoring originates from the base of the tongue or the soft palate.

So nasal strips are for a specific demographic, mainly the nose snorer, and will only give temporary relief in most cases.  Read more.

Nasal cones

nasal-conesNasal cones are made of a soft plastic and are designed to be slipped into the nostril and worn just inside the nostril opening. They work to widen the nostril by holding it in a more opened position thus allowing for an easier and greater flow of air.

An individual nasal cone should be worn in each separate nostril for best effect. While nasal cones are not very expensive their use is limited to nose snoring and of minimal value when it comes to habitual snoring. Read more.


medicationsIs there a pill to help you stop snoring? The simple answer is no. There are however, people who suffer from allergies that aggravate snoring. Anti-histamine pills and nasal sprays can be used to alleviate problems associated with the allergy but prolonged use to discourage snoring is not recommended. It is considered only a short term solution during allergy season.

The same can be said for decongestants that come in handy during cold and flu season. These cross-the-counter medications are fine for short-term use but as a long term solution for a snoring problem they are not recommended and could, in fact, be damaging to your health in general if used continually. Read more.

Natural Solutions and Self-Help

There are some simple techniques to employ and ideas to implement that may help the occasional or non-chronic snorer. It is important to note that although these simple measures may prove effective for some; those of you who snore nightly might be better served by using the other methods mentioned in this article.

For more detailed information about self-help techniques and natural solutions for snoring read: Natural Cures for Snoring: Fight Snoring the Natural Way.

The Alternative (Useless) Group of Anti-Snoring Solutions

When you are considering ways to get your snoring under control you are sure to come across this group of anti-snoring solutions during your search.  The one bit of advice to follow when considering any one of these alternatives is; if it seems implausible then it is not going to work for you.

Let your common sense prevail when making an anti-snoring plan and spend your dollars wisely. Let’s look at some of these alternatives that you are likely to come across:

Chin Strips and Straps

chin-strapChin strips or straps are basically strips of tape or wider material that run under the chin and over the head, effectively closing the mouth at night and preventing it from opening.

This could work for mouth breathers or for those who prefer to sleep on their back but it has esthetic disadvantages and looks – well silly. If snoring is coming from a problem with the nose, a chin strap will be of little use. In general chinstraps have few benefits to recommend their use and are often uncomfortable to wear at night. Read more.

Anti-Snoring Pillows

pillowPillows designed to keep the head positioned in a way that prevents snoring are available in a number of different shapes and sizes but all have their limitations.

Most people move around when they sleep and it’s a simple matter for the pillow to be dislodged with the anti-snoring intention of the design being lost too. Read more

Anti-Snoring Rings

ringRings that slip on the baby finger at bed-time are designed to apply pressure to specific anti-snoring pressure points (acupressure).

A few occasional snorers with very mild snoring problems may find relief this way. Read more.

Anti-Snoring Watches

watchesWatches are available that are designed to ring when stimulated by a loud noise such as the sound of your snoring. The idea here is that you will wake up and roll over thus stopping your snoring activity.

The limitations of this method are immediately obvious. One can only imagine the horror of being repeatedly woken up time and time again to the loud sound of a ringing clock. Once in the morning is enough for most people! Read more.

Medical Solutions for Serious Snoring

A case of the more serious type of snoring, associated with a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), demands the prompt and immediate attention of your medical practitioner.

Surgical as well as non-surgical interventions can be used to deal with these medically specific issues. If surgery is the course of action recommended the type of surgery will be determined by the specific causes of the diagnosed OSA. Non-surgical medical strategies that may be considered to treat OSA are:

Custom-Made Mandibular Repositioning Splint (MRS)

MRSCustom-made MRS is a mouth piece that is designed to re-position the mouth and tongue. It works by both repositioning the jaw and pushing the tongue forward.

By doing this the device makes the space at the back of the throat bigger. This in turn prevents any narrowing of the airway from occurring. Without a narrow airway the tongue and tissues at the back of the throat will not vibrate excessively and snoring will cease.

A custom-made MRS can be made by using impressions from your teeth and jaw. This work is usually done by an Orthodontist. Depending on the complexity of the job and the materials used the price of this device can increase dramatically from several hundred dollars to several thousand.

A MRS device lasts about 18 months before a replacement device is needed. While you get an exact fit this way the obvious obstacle here is the hefty price-tag. If faced with this recommendation an individual may want to consider the much less expensive alternative of the dental appliances that are commercially available. It might well be possible to find a mouth piece that would work at a fraction of the custom made MRS cost.

Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) Machine

cpapA continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) machine which opens the airway with small increments of positive pressure is sometimes suggested for those diagnosed with OSA. The air pressure is applied by wearing a nasal mask while sleeping.

Some people are able to adjust and get a good night’s sleep while using a CPAP machine and others are just not able to sleep at all while wearing the mask and listening to the machine operating. Anyone suffering from claustrophobia will not be able to tolerate the mask and will have to consider non-medical options. Read more.

Be Flexible and Willing to Experiment

When perusing the internet looking for information about snoring you’ll no doubt observe that there are many anti-snoring remedies and appliances available for purchase. Some of these options are downright wacky and some are based on credible science.

There is no doubt that many of these products can be helpful to those afflicted with snoring but it is best always to use common sense and good judgement when trying something new. There are different types of snoring and no single solution will work for everyone’s snoring problem.

Look for verifiable proof by independent testers and make sure that devices are approved by the appropriate government bodies. Let your common sense prevail, be willing to make a few lifestyle changes and be flexible. You may have to try a few different anti-snoring solutions before finding the one that’s right for you.