Determine Why You Snore: Easy Tests You Can Do Alone

snoring-test-fullThere are many different snoring solutions available and choosing the correct one will depend on why you snore. All snoring is not the same.

To find the correct solution for your problem you will first need to determine what’s causing your snoring.

Easy tests you can do on your own

You could waste a lot of time trying anti-snoring devices if you haven’t first determined what’s making you snore. If you want to stop snoring, it’s time to find out why you are snoring.

A few tests that will help you figure out the cause of your snoring follow. You may look funny while doing them but don’t worry; they are all easy to handle on your own and in private.

At the end of each test you will find advice about which anti-snoring devices work best for that particular type of snoring.

The Tongue

The most common cause of snoring originates with the tongue. For many people the tongue has a tendency to relax and fall backwards in the mouth somewhat during sleep. It doesn’t take much to block the breathing passage partially or even entirely. The narrowed breathing passage will vibrate excessively when this happens, causing the sound of snoring.

Here’s a simple test to determine if this is the cause of your snoring:

  • Stick out your tongue
  • Hold your tongue in place using your teeth
  • Now try to make the sound of snoring – go ahead and give it a good try!

Was it easy to make a snoring sound or was it hard? If you answer that it was difficult to make the sound of snoring then your tongue is the culprit when it comes to your snoring problem.  The solution for snoring when the tongue is the cause of the problem is a mouthpiece.

Mouthpieces come in a variety of designs. A mouthpiece specifically designed to hold the tongue forward is called a tongue retaining mouthpiece and is the best solution for this type of snoring

The Nose

This test is really easy to do:

  • Place your finger on the side of one of your nostrils and gently push it closed
  • Close your mouth to ensure that you inhale through the nostril that is not being held shut
  • Now inhale (breath in)
  • Does your open nostril pull in or collapse when you inhale?
  • Hold the nostril open and repeat the test (still pushing the other nostril closed as you breath in)
  • Did holding the nostril open help?

Repeat the whole test, only this time do it on the opposite nostril.

If you answer yes to the question at the end of the test for either one or both of your nostrils then the source of your snoring difficulty is your nose.

There are a number of things that can help with this type of snoring problem. Nasal strips sometimes called nose strips are the easiest to use. They will give temporary relief.

It could be that nasal congestion due to allergies is the problem. If you suspect allergies it may be worthwhile to see an allergist to pinpoint the exact causes.

Changes to your diet and/or environment could help with the snoring issue if allergies are causing your stuffy nose.

Open Mouth

Many people breathe through their mouth instead of their nose out of habit. When the mouth hangs open during sleep, snoring is often the result!

This is a very simple test:

  • Open your mouth
  • Now put some effort into making the sound of snoring
  • Next, close your mouth and do the same thing

If you can make that snoring noise when your mouth is open but find it difficult or impossible with your mouth closed then your snoring happens because your mouth is hanging in an open position when you fall asleep.

Once again the mouthpiece is a good solution for this open-mouth type of snoring. Chin strap use can help somewhat but due to slippage and discomfort issues it is not nearly as effective as using a mouthpiece.

More than one Cause

When you conducted your tests you might have discovered that you have more than one issue causing your snoring problem. As well, there are two other places at the back of the mouth that can be involved in a snoring problem; the tissues of the soft palate and the uvula. The uvula is the small nob of tissue you can see hanging down at the back of your mouth when you open wide while looking in the mirror.

If there is more than one cause of snoring, the mouthpiece that repositions the tongue by pulling it slightly forward will maximize the space available in the air passage way and is still the way to go.

The tongue retaining mouthpiece will be the best solution for the type of snoring that erupts from the back of the mouth and is your best bet for treating snoring that seems to have more than one cause.