It’s Time to See The Doctor About Your Snoring: Be Prepared

see-doctorMaybe your sleep-mate has finally convinced you that your snoring is a problem or perhaps, being fed up with night-time disruptions, you have come to this decision on your own.

You are ready to make an appointment with the doctor to discuss snoring. Initially you will most likely see your family doctor. You might then be referred on to a specialist or specialists for further evaluation. There are a few things to be considered as you prepare for doctor appointments.

Getting ready for your appointment

You probably already know that appointments with a doctor rarely last longer than 20 minutes.

To get the most out your time with the doctor it helps if you can make some preparations before you get there.

Here are a few things to do ahead of appointment time:

  • Write down all of the symptoms you are experiencing and include any observations from other family members or your sleep-mate.
  • Day-time drowsiness, emotional state, performance at work, physical changes are all note-worthy and things that your doctor will want to know.
  • If at all possible make arrangements for your bed partner to come along to the appointment with you.  Their observations are significant when a snoring problem is being diagnosed.
  • New technologies, such as hand-held phones make it easy to actually record the visuals and sounds of your night-time snoring. Enlist the help of someone else and catch the night-time action on video. Bring this record with you to your appointment.
  • List all of the medications, vitamins and natural remedies you are currently taking. Either bring this list or actually bring these items with you.

Write down the questions you want to ask the doctor

Your doctor will likely be asking you a lot of questions as well as doing a physical examination. If you aren’t prepared with a list of questions of your own, your specific concerns may get lost in the shuffle.

Here are a few questions you may want to consider asking your doctor:

  • What is actually causing this loud snoring when I sleep?
  • Is it possible that my snoring problem is signalling something more serious?
  • Do I need specific tests?
  • Can you tell me about treatments that are available for snoring?
  • Which treatments do you recommend for me?
  • Are there side-effects I need to be aware of?
  • What alternatives exist to the treatment you are suggesting?
  • Can you suggest anything for me to do, on my own, to alleviate my snoring?
  • Do you have any written hand-outs about snoring?
  • I have other health problems that are currently being treated. How is my snoring affecting these and can everything be managed together?

By taking a bit of time in advance to prepare, you will leave the doctor’s appointment understanding more about your snoring problem and will have a clearer picture of treatment options.