Medications and Over-the-counter Solutions for Snoring

medicationsThere are many over-the-counter anti-snoring products. Some could be useful given the right circumstance and others are over-the-top and way out there!

As with most anti-snoring solutions it’s best to look for independent testing and the golden stamp of government approval before trying one of these products. So, with this in mind, let’s have a look at the more common over-the-counter solutions for snoring.

Natural sprays and pills

Most natural sprays and pills you will come across are focused on dealing with the stuffy nose and sinus congestion problem that sometimes causes snoring. It’s quite possible that some of these products actually do work to decrease the amount of mucus your body is producing. Once the nasal airways are cleared; night-time breathing eases and snoring ceases.

For more in depth information about natural solutions for snoring read: Natural Cures for Snoring: Fight Snoring the Natural Way. If your snoring is caused by the occasional cold or sinus problem a natural spray or pill could do the trick nicely.

Non-prescription anti-histamines and decongestants

Some people will want to employ the more traditional cross-the-counter products for their stuffed noses when they are suffering from a cold or are having a seasonal allergy attack.

They will turn to anti-histamines and decongestants which are available in a variety of forms; nasal sprays, gel-caps, regular capsules and pills. The more expensive of these are the time-release pills that work well over longer periods of time and are a good choice for over-night use.

Not for constant use!

Using products for nasal and sinus relief on a daily basis over long period of time is not advisable. It is hard on your body and in the end could cause the opposite reaction to the one you are aiming for. Your body may start to overproduce mucus in reaction to these products. Those of you that have ongoing issues with congestion will need to consult with a doctor.

Allergic reactions that are ongoing and constant need to be dealt with through professional consultation. Read more about snoring and allergies in this article: Allergies have many Symptoms, Including Snoring!

It’s possible, through testing to identify the source of the allergy. Once this is done your environment can be altered to eliminate the allergen that is causing all the trouble. In some cases it may be necessary to go through a series of treatments that will desensitize your body to the allergen that is causing the allergic reaction. Either way the result could be that no more over-the-counter products, natural or otherwise, are needed!