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Detailed Review of Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece

The manufacturers of the GMSS are offering 15% off discount in this week. Use coupon code “WITH” during the checkout. By the time I stumbled upon Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS), I thought I knew everything there was to know about mouthpieces. I had tried several mandibular

My Snoring Solution Review: A Good and Non-Intrusive Device

The My Snoring Solution is a unique anti-snoring device, unlike others I reviewed previously.  It is made of a stretchable and flexible fabric and the product is placed around the entire head using straps. It keeps the mouth in position with a chinstrap, and the material stretches

PureSleep Review: Is it One You Should Be Considering?

You may have heard that PureSleep claims to be the “#1 Snoring Solution.” So, you probably are wondering if this is true, and if it is what makes it so special? Well, it is important to keep in mind that this is an “As Seen on TV”

SnoreRX Review: One of My Top 3 Recommendations (2020 version)

The manufacturers of the SnoreRx are offering 10% off discount this week. Use coupon code “WS10” during the checkout. Made from a durable medical grade copolymer and fitted with the boil-and-bite method, SnoreRx is a mandibular advancement device that ranks #2  in my top three recommended picks.

ZQuiet Review: What Makes this Mouthpiece Different?

Of all the MADs on the market today ZQuiet is my top recommended pick. Nearly all of the devices that I have put through a trial period have indeed stopped my snoring, but there are major differences where comfortable and usability is concerned. ZQuiet stands out from

VitalSleep Review: How Does it Measure Up to the Others?

Snoring is more than just an annoying sound that causes your partner to elbow you in the ribs several times per night. Snoring is bad for your health. If you are a snorer, then this means that your sleep cycle is constantly interrupted throughout the night, so

Snore Guard Mouthpiece Review: One Size For Everyone?

Snore Guard works to move the jaw into a slightly forward position and then holds the jaw in this position while you sleep at night. When the jaw is repositioned in this manner the airway that runs along behind the soft palate will enlarge somewhat and hopefully

Snoreless Pillow Review

There is an indent in the central area of the Snoreless pillow. This indent cradles the head while allowing the part of the pillow surrounding the indent to support the neck. The intention here is to reposition the jaw, moving it slightly forward. When the jaw is

Snore-Ex Review: Will This Mouthpiece Stop Your Snoring?

Snore-Ex is an anti-snoring oral appliance that is designed to move the jaw forward. At least that’s one of the possibilities but exactly how this product works is a bit of a mystery. Inadequate product Information on Website Detailed information about this mouthpiece is difficult to find

Sona Anti-Snore Pillow Review: Can Work For Some People

The SONA FDA-Cleared Anti-Snore and Mild Sleep Apnea Pillow doesn’t really look like a pillow at all. In fact you have to actually see a picture with someone using it in order to understand how it would actually be placed under the head. If you decide to

Snoremeds Review

The Snoremeds mouthpiece is designed to move the jaw into a slightly forward position and to hold it there throughout the night while you sleep. This is known as a jaw retaining mouth piece. There are quite a few anti-snoring devices similar to this one on the

Snore Eliminator Review: Does This Mouthpiece Work?

For more than two decades people have turned to a mandibular advancement device (MAD) to stop snoring. There are dozens of MADs on the market today; Snore Eliminator just happens to be one of them. Like others, it stops snoring by repositioning the lower jaw in a

SnoreMender Mouthpiece Review: Is It Better Than ZQuiet?

This product is classified as a mandibular advancement device (MAD). It works by repositioning your lower jaw forward and holding it there while you sleep. Since gravity can’t pull the jaw and tongue back toward the collapsed airway it stays free of obstruction. This means that the

AcuRest Review: Relax Tension or Create Tension?

The AcuRest treatment for snoring is based on ancient eastern acupuncture medicine and one of its associated practices called acupressure or reflex therapy. Qi (pronounced chi) energy flows through the body following specific pathways that have been carefully mapped. These pathways can be accessed and the energy

SnoreMate Review: Is this Mouthpiece Worth Considering?

Since 1999, snorers have been using SnoreMate with a success rate of 80 percent. This anti-snoring mouthpiece is classified as a mandibular advancement device (MAD), so it works by holding your lower jaw forward just past your upper jaw. As a result your airway stays clear of

C+ Comfort Plus Adjustable Anti Snoring Pillow Review

This anti-snoring pillow is huge! The whole thing is as wide as a single bed and takes a wedge shape capable of moving your upper body into a semi-inclined position when it is fully inflated. There is more than one inflatable chamber so the degree of incline

SnoreStop Extinguisher: Homeopathic Remedy for Snoring?

SnoreStop Extinguisher is a homeopathic remedy that is meant to be sprayed into the back of the throat at bed-time. A number of ingredients are combined in the spray that work together to help shrink tissues at the back of the mouth, the soft palate and the

ProSnore Review: A Deep Look at this Mouthpiece

The original ProSnore may be classified as a mandibular advancement device (MAD), but its unique design distinguishes it from others on the market. Like other MADs, it stops snoring by holding your lower jaw in a forward position. When your jaw is kept in this position the

Ripsnore Review: Is it an Effective Snoring Solution?

There are a lot of anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market, so choosing one that is right for you can be a little overwhelming. If you are newly being introduced to these products you might be surprised at how different many are from others. Ripsnore is one you

SnoreZip Review: Mystery Spray?

SnoreZip is a pricey homeopathic spray that is meant to be sprayed under the tongue twice a day. You might well be wondering how this spray is going to cure your snoring. That’s a very good question and not one that’s easily answered. What’s in the bottle?

aveoTSD Review: Should this Be On Your List?

Tongue retaining devices (TRDs) are quickly gaining in popularity because they are easy-to-use and less intrusive. They are perfect for those who cannot get used to the feeling of a bulky device in their mouth. They are also ideal for denture wearers. TRDs actually sit between your

ProSnore II Review: Is it Worthy of Consideration?

I have to admit, I was anxious to give ProSnore II a try when it came out to see what the manufacturer did to improve upon the original design. If you have not read my review on the original product yet I definitely recommend doing so. However,

ZYPPAH Review: Why it is Considered a Double Action Mouthpiece

The first time I saw ZYPPAH I was intrigued by its design. It looks unlike any other anti-snoring mouthpiece on the market. This does not only include its unique design either. The device’s vibrant green and black color scheme makes it quite fashionable. Of course, as my