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By the time I stumbled upon Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS), I thought I knew everything there was to know about mouthpieces.

I had tried several mandibular advancement devices (MAD), and was in the process of writing up all my reviews.

I had no intention of trying another one, but GMSS was unlike anything I had stumbled across yet, so I couldn’t resist. The appearance alone intrigued me, and then as a read more I discovered that not only did it not require any special fitting; it did not even hold the lower jaw forward. All I could think was, “How is this thing supposed to work, if it doesn’t even sit in my mouth?”

Based on my own experience I had already found that MADs controlled my snoring. Considering I am a pretty heavy snorer this was no easy accomplishment. I learned that GMSS is a tongue retaining device (TRD), which was completely new to me.

I thoroughly read the explanation provided by the manufacturer, but I was still a little confused. So, I took it upon myself to research deeper so I could truly understand how this oral appliance works.

An Introduction to Your Airway

Upper Airway Anatomy (Click to enlarge)

Upper Airway Anatomy (Click to enlarge)

To understand how this device works you have to become familiar with the link between your airway and that snoring sound you hear. When you fall asleep all the muscles in your body relax.

This includes those that are in your airway. This relaxed state allows gravity to pull them toward the narrow opening in your throat, which causes a partial blockage.

Sometimes, the narrowing that is resulted can cut off oxygen flow completely. This is known as sleep apnea and needs to be diagnosed by a doctor who specializes in sleep medicine because it can be a dangerous condition.

In other people, the loose tissue in this narrowed area vibrates against one another with each inhalation and exhalation. The tissue vibration is generally blamed as the source of the snoring sound that is heard.

Causes of Snoring

If you are a snorer then you may wonder why you are plagued with this condition, but others are not. In most people, the uvula and the area directly behind the tongue are the culprits behind snoring. There are different factors that determine why certain people are affected. Below are a few:

  • Genetics – This is one more thing you may be able to blame on your genes. One or both of your parents could have passed down physical features contributing to your snoring. Sometimes, it is something as simple as the shape of a person’s airway that is to blame. If you have a malocclusion, more commonly referred to as an overbite, then your jaw is recessed naturally, which can narrow the airway.
  • Being Overweight – Carrying around extra pounds can contribute to a number of medical conditions; snoring happens to be one of them. If you are overweight then you likely fat deposits that have accumulated around your neck. When you lie down, this extra fat pushes on your airway, which causes a partial collapse. In some cases it can even cause a complete closure. The positioning of your head can contribute to whether it is a partial or full collapse.
  • Alcohol and Medications – Alcohol and some medications enhance the relaxation of the muscles around the airway. This allows the tissues naturally to fall closer together to cause a vibration. Some medications also promote a deeper sleep slate, which can worsen snoring.

How Does GMSS Work?

Many people know that MADs are clinically proven to stop snoring, but it is not the only type of mouthpiece that is.

Mandibular advancement devices hold the mandible, or lower jaw, in a forward position.This tightens the muscles around the airway.

A tongue retaining device, which is what GMSS is, holds the tongue forward rather than the jaw. So, not only does it open the airway; it stops the tongue from falling back towards the throat, which causes snoring.

Your source of snoring will dictate how effective GMSS will be for you. In most people the snoring is derived from the area directly behind the tongue. If this holds true for you then there is a high probability this device will work for you.

how-gmss-worksGMSS uses a suction bulb to attach to the top of your tongue. It sits between the outer teeth and inner lips.

By holding the tongue forward the muscles in the airway are also stretched, which tightens the tissue so they can no longer vibrate.

Since it does not actually sit inside your mouth you do not need a custom fit. Yes, this also means that you do not have to get used to the feeling of having something in your mouth.

There are basically only five quick and easy steps to get it in place:

  • Place device between your front teeth and lips. The protruding bulb will be on the outside of your mouth.
  • Squeeze the bulb gently using your first finger and thumb.
  • Insert the tip of your tongue into the inside of the device where the air was just eliminated.
  • Release your finger and thumb.
  • Slowly relax your tongue. As long as the tip is being suctioned by the bulb it will be held in place.

What is the Success Rate?

studiesIt is not very often that you find an anti-snoring mouthpiece that has been clinically tested because it is very expensive and time-consuming to do, but GMSS has been. In 2008, the “Journal of Sleep & Breathing” published the study by Dr. Leslie Dort, the creator of the mouthpiece.

The conclusion showed that 70 percent of the study’s participants confirmed that this TRD was effective in stopping their snoring. This success rate compares to studies done on mandibular advancement devices that are considered the tried and true solution of snoring.

Will this Device Work for You?

You can do a simple test though to see if you are a good candidate. Here’s how:

  • Make a snoring sound.
  • Now, try to make the same sound while you stick your tongue out and hold it with your index finger and thumb.
  • Was the snoring sound reduced or even stopped completely? If it was then GMSS may be the perfect mouthpiece for you.

My Experience

test-labAs you read my reviews you will learn that I give all snoring products a fair trial period. Just because something works for me once does not mean that it will continue to be effective.

It did come with a Polident denture tablet, which was appreciated because I didn’t have to run out to the store right away. The Polident just dissolves in cold water, and then you submerge your GMSS for 10 minutes. The manufacturer’s care instructions specifically say not to use hot water.

First Night

My GMSS mouthpiece

My GMSS mouthpiece

Before using my device I cleaned it thoroughly, giving it plenty of time to dry before bed. This device is surprisingly easy to fit, and the instructions are quite clear. I squeezed the bulb, stuck my tongue straight out, and it was naturally pulled toward the bulb by the suction. Then, I let out all the air to create a very firm suction.

I discovered through trial-and-error that I did not even need such an intense suction. However, I was worrying it could fall out in my sleep.

Usually when I start using a new mouthpiece I drool a lot as my mouth gets used to it being there. I barely had any drool form in my mouth with GMSS, which is probably because it rests outside the mouth. It was very soft against my gums and it was extremely comfortable.

I removed the device and noticed the tip of my tongue was tender.  That being said, since I am so used to my jaw being sore when I start wearing an MAD, a little tongue soreness was nothing to complain about.

I slept the entire night, and did not remember getting any elbows to the ribs to wake me up. So I asked my wife if it helped, and she said she did not hear me snore at all. She fell asleep in peace-and-quiet, and was not woken up all night.

Second Night

I did not make the suction nearly as strong. I was worrying it would fall out, but my tongue was still sore so I couldn’t have made it stronger if I wanted to. Surprisingly, it was still in place the next morning.

Nights 3-7

By the third night, the soreness in my tongue was gone and did not return. Wearing it became part of a routine. In the morning, I would clean it in a denture cleaner, and store it away for the night, and by the fourth night, getting the perfect amount of suction to my tongue was a piece of cake.

The GMSS really does work. The material is soft, so it is not irritating to your gums, and it barely take sup any room in your mouth, so it is easy to get used to wearing it.

Is This Thing Going to Break Me?

priceThe manufacturer currently has it on sale for $89.94. Depending on where you live shipping is about $10 or you can pay for expedited shipping, which is typically around $30. The price isn’t bad, it’s right about in the middle in that area.

If there are two snorers in your home you can buy a family pack for $129.94.

If you are nervous about spending that amount of money on a product when you do not know if it will be the perfect solution for you it comes backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied then simply request a Return Authorization Number. You will have a total of 30 days from the original purchase date to have the device back to the manufacturer, and you get a refund.

What About a Prescription?

prescriptionThere is a lot of confusion regarding the topic of prescriptions. You may be under the impression that you need a prescription from your dentist or doctor. Even when you try ordering GMSS online the manufacturer states that you need a prescription, and that they may contact the writer to verify information.

Do not get discouraged by this though because the site never asks you for your dentist information during the checkout process.

Now, you might be saying that you do not want to order it if it is illegal. Rest-assured that it’s not. See, all TRDs are labeled as Class II Medical Devices by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So, technically these products require a prescription.

However, thanks to a loophole in the Code of Federal Regulations you do not need one. There is a clause regarding “adequate directions for use” that makes it possible for you to order this device online. Of course, this should not replace any necessary visits to your doctor or dentist.

How Legit is the Company?


GMSS was created by Dr. Leslie Dort, and her case study was funded by the Alberta Research Foundation for Medical Research.

GMSS is manufactured by Mpowrx Health and Wellness Products, Inc., which is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Maintaining an A-rating with the BBB is not easy, but GMSS manages to do just this. The company’s mailing address, phone a d fax numbers, and email address are made available on both the GMSS and Mpowrx website.

Pros and Cons


  • Designed by a dentist and manufactured by a company with an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Simplistic design makes it easy to clean and nearly impossible to break.
  • Comfortable to wear. Since the device does not sit inside your mouth you do not have to get used to something being there. Even the best-fitting MADs can feel bulky simply because your mouth isn’t used to its presence.
  • Can be worn by individuals with dentures, caps, crowns, and bridgework. Unlike an MAD, there is nothing to bite down on to hold in place.
  • Cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration, Canada’s Therapeutic Products Dictorate, and the Australian Department of Health and Aging.
  • Since it does not sit on your teeth you do not have to worry about it fitting perfectly.
  • Clinically proven to work.
  • Established reputation in the snoring industry, as it has been on the market since 2008.
  • Company has approval to sell internationally; many manufactures can’t.
  • Generous 90-day money back guarantee makes trying it completely risk-free.
  • BPA-free. BPA is an acronym for bisphenol A, and by now you have probably heard to stay away from products that contain it. BPA is often used in epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics. It can actually seep into your bloodstream, and is associated with numerous serious medical conditions. You do not want to wear a mouthpiece with BPA, as it can adversely affect your health.
  • Does not cause or worsen temporomandibular joint disorder, more commonly known as TMJ. Affected individuals have never been considered good candidates for anti-snoring mouthpieces in the past, but thanks to this device, they now are.
  • Has a long lifespan. Many people have had their appliance over 12 months and you will find the occasional person boast about having it as long as two years. Since it does not have to be fitted and there are no adjustable parts it makes sense that it will have a long lifespan.
  • Available family pack is a great deal, if you have two snorers in your house or if you want to keep one at your house and one at your significant other’s house.


  • There are always exceptions to the one-size-fits-all rule.
  • You may experience drooling and soreness. I barely drooled at all, and I always drool with MADs. However, my tongue was sore, but when I loosened the suction the soreness went away.
  • You have to breathe through your nose while wearing it. So, if you have a deviated septum, nasal polyps, sinuses, etc., this will not be the option for you. If you have a cold or allergies you will want to wear nasal strips or try essential oils to relieve your congestion so you can breathe.

What Others Say

No matter where I look or who I talk to, people seem to be saying the same thing about the GMSS. Now that I have been using it for quite a while, this isn’t that surprising.

However, what most people miss is that I have not heard of one single horror story yet. That is incredible. Most oral appliances have some mixed reviews or there is one specific problem that a lot of people seem to have. You should be happy that isn’t the case here.

GMSS fills a void in the market that has been there for a long time. It really is the poster child for versatility because it can be used by a wide range of snorers.

My Thoughts

conclusionWhen comparing this tongue retaining device to MADs, Good Morning Snore Solution is just as effective. Plus, it has some advantages that you may appreciate. Since it does not actually fit on your teeth, you do not have to deal with the bulky fitting associated with wearing a mouthpiece that sits inside your mouth.

I really like the way this product works. You don’t have to worry about swallowing it or having it fall out in the middle of the night Every snorer should be able to be relieved of their problem by this easy method.

I can’t describe how much the quality of my sleep has improved and I have plenty of energy during the day. It’s almost like being in my twenties again, but without the urge to go on a semi-mischievous adventure every weekend.

GMSS is made of BPA-free material that is soft against the gums. It is easy to put on at bedtime and incredibly comfortable to wear. Best of all, it is safe and effective. It has been clinically tested and it is cleared by the FDA, European Union, Australian Government, and Health Canada.

It may be a little pricier than some options, but in my opinion it is worth every penny. Since it has a simple design and no adjustable parts it has an impressive lifespan, making it truly an exceptional value.

My recommendation to you is this. Give the Good Morning Snore Solution a try. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you, you have 90 days to decide if you want to send it back for a full refund.

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Which device should I choose?

No one can answer this question for you. Your mouth and needs are unique, so one that I love or that your neighbor swears by may not be the best solution for you.

There are numerous products available to choose from, so if you are feeling overwhelmed this is perfectly normal. I have written several reviews on products I have personally tried and you can always use the chart I compiled for comparison purposes.