The My Snoring Solution is a unique anti-snoring device, unlike others I reviewed previously.  It is made of a stretchable and flexible fabric and the product is placed around the entire head using straps.

It keeps the mouth in position with a chinstrap, and the material stretches around both ears and finally over the back of the head.  I was hesitant to think something designed like this would work the entire night, but was pleasantly surprised at the results.

Overall I found it effective and a good solution to stop snoring.  The fit around my head was not as big an issue for me as I thought it would be.

The way it functions is a little different than others I have tested.  The strap holds the chin in the same way a hammock would hold something.  By holding the jaw in place throughout the night, this prevents snoring.  Snoring is basically caused when the mouth is open and the tongue slips into the back of the throat.

When the tongue hits the back of the throat, it creates vibrations.  These vibrations are the cause of snoring.  My Snoring Solution, keeps the mouth shut in a proper position, and extends the jaw forward slightly.  Both of these combined prevent snoring during the night.

Not Designed for Appeal

This is not something to be wearing anywhere else other than the bedroom.  However, I found out that it gets the job done.  While I did not think it looked very pretty, the complete head covering that holds the jaw prevents snoring.  If anyone has any issues with placing something in the mouth for the entire night, this is a good option.

Since everything is worn on the outside of the head, there is nothing intrusive or invasive inside the mouth.  If there is any kind of dental work done, the chin strap and head wrapping will not cause any issues because nothing is gripping the teeth on the inside of the mouth.

The bottom line is how it looks is not really a cause for concern, the main issue is functionality.  My Snoring Solution in my opinion is a well-designed product.

Does it work?

My Snoring Solution is a good choice to prevent snoring I felt after my personal experience with it.  By keeping the mouth closed, it works similar to MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) devices.  80% of snorers are open mouth snorers, and the chin support that My Snoring Solution provides is one of the best options for open mouth snorers I have seen.

Mouth breathers will find that simply closing the mouth and placing the jaw in an extended position will prevent snoring.  Sometimes I have to resort to mouth breathing if my allergies are flaring up during the night.

This is one of the optimal solutions for open mouth snorers.  It forces the snorer to breathe through the nose.  Combining the My Snoring Solution with a MAD device would also be extremely effective.  By clearing the airway and preventing any restrictions or blockage on the soft pallet in the back of the mouth, one of the most common causes of snoring can be eliminated.

It is also an excellent choice for people with dentures or dental work.  Nothing is placed inside the mouth, so users who have caps, crowns or dentures will have no issues.

The manufacturer’s website lists testing results which prove the effectiveness of the product.

I thought this was a good effort on the manufacturers’ part to show that it is effective.  It has been clinically tested, and the website states this.  The company puts forth extra effort to reassure customers that it is a good fix.

How does it work?

how-does-it-work2The technical details of My Snoring Solution boil down to the placement of the jaw.  The chinstrap wraps around the jaw and moves it forward slightly as well as keeping the mouth shut.

It might be hard to imagine how a wrapping around the head can move the jaw forward, but it accomplishes this and does it well.

It can very easily be worn and place the jaw in the position it needs to be in to stop mouth breathers from snoring during the night.

This is an excellent introduction device for those looking to start testing new anti-snoring products.  If someone is understandably feeling overwhelmed with all the choices, this is a simple one to get started with.

There are no fittings and adjustments needed, as with other devices.  I thought this was great, because usually it takes me quite a white to set up other anti-snoring devices.  This is usable as soon as you receive it.

Almost all MAD devices require an extensive setup known as a “boil and bite” procedure.  I was extremely pleased to buy something that did not need any setup time!  The strap makes sure the jaw is forced shut the entire night and extended forward.  Other products accomplish this with either holding the tongue, or forcibly keeping the jaw in place with a mouthpiece.

How comfortable is it?

Compared to the numerous chin straps available, the My Snoring Solution is a very comfortable one.  Other products have fastening buckles included in them, and the material that is used can be very irritating to the skin.  If a snorer has sensitive skin, this can be a problem.

Buckles can also be very annoying, remember the person has to sleep with this the entire night.  Smooth fabric, and soft material is the best option for wearing something during the night, and this product has both.  I found the material comfortable to wear and was satisfied with how the material felt.

It is also very easy to clean.  There is no need for brushing or scrubbing.  Only throw it in the wash or wash it by hand.  It can be treated like any other item of clothing in the home.  This makes for a very simple, quick way to clean and store it.  Other products usually require you to scrub it clean in the morning.

Normally you also need a place to store the device during the day.  This can get tiresome to do day after day.  My Snoring Solution was a nice break for me when it comes to cleaning the products.

Another positive is there is no soreness from using the head straps and chin straps after your mouth and face get used to it.

Other products cause pain for extended periods of time due to them being placed inside the mouth and attaching to the teeth.    Since the My Snoring Solution does not go inside the mouth in any way, there is little to no soreness initially, which dissipates completely after extended use.

I had some soreness but that quickly went away after continued use of the product.

This is the clear winner for comfort among others.  The device will stay on the head, keep the jaw in place, and not sacrifice comfort in the process.  The bands that go around the ears makes sure it will not move while you sleep, even if someone tosses and turns during the night.

There are three different sizes available.  Which increases the chance of this fitting properly and being comfortable for the user.

Typically this type of chin strap comes in a one size fits all packaging.  Not the case with My Snoring Solution, which customers will be pleasantly surprised to see.

How affordable is it?

priceThe price is a little high, however there is a BOGO (buy one get one free) offer by the manufacturer.  The price for two is $119.97, which comes out to be about $60 per unit.

Expensive, but worth it for the effectiveness of it.  There is also the additional cost of shipping which is $9.99.  This brings the grand total of two units, plus shipping to $129.96.

However, receiving two is a good addition for the consumer, as once the first one wears out, there is another one as a backup.  Also, if there are two snorers in the home, such as a husband and wife for example, buying two at once will not be an issue.

My Snoring Solution also carries a 90-day money back guarantee.

This is longer than most other items on the market.  If there is any reason needed to return it, such as being damaged or simply not satisfied with the effectiveness of it, it has a 90 day no questions asked return policy.

My Experience

test-labInitially putting the device over my head it felt comfortable.  It was nice not to have any adjustments to make as with other products.  It held my mouth shut, and also put my jaw in a slightly forward position.

This is what would prevent me from snoring during the night.  By keeping my mouth shut, and my jaw forward it was working as advertised.  I thought it might be uncomfortable (like wearing a hat), but that was not the case.  I also liked the fact that for one of the very few times with anti-snoring devices, there was nothing in my mouth!

The next morning when I woke up I felt good, and knew I had a nice night of sleep.  This means it worked overall.

There was no movement of it, it did not fall off during the night, and my jaw remained in place also.  I was worried about this at first thinking it might fall off easily.

The fitting of My Snoring Solution going around the ears prevents this from happening.  I did wake up with a slight soreness.  However, I have noticed this is typical for all products when you begin testing them.  As you get used to each product the soreness goes away.  It depends on the length of time it takes for any pain to disappear based on each individual device.

Reviews from Actual Customers

Posted below are some examples of the feedback given by MSS users:

“I used to have a real bad snoring problem. So much so that my wife was making me sleep in the guest room. She was actually the one that came across this jaw strap by My snoring solution. After a night or two of complaining about not sleeping in my bed I decided to give it a try. Boy I’m thrilled that I did. Stopped my snoring and now Im back in my own bed.”Sam

“Bought this for my husband because he sounds like a bear at night when he sleeps. It was so bad that I wasn’t getting much quality sleep. After a few nights of wearing the strap his snoring completely stopped and now I’ve been getting a great nights sleep.” – Happyon

“At first, this thing is awkward and uncomfortable on your face, but after a few nights and some grumbling you’ll get used to it. once that’s out of the way, you’ll see it really does work. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, and people don’t always snore for the same reasons, but this has pretty much changed my partner’s sleeping habits for the better.  awesome!” – Kyle M.

Pros and Cons


  • Non-intrusive. If you are someone who does not want anything in your mouth while you sleep, this is a good option.  Sometimes I prefer to sleep with nothing in my mouth also.
  • Fewer side effects. Mouthpieces which you wear the entire night and grip onto the teeth could produce some unpleasant side effects such as jaw pain, tooth pain, bite misalignment, TMD or TMJ (temporomandibular disorders).
  • Can use immediately. No need for any fitting or adjustments.  Works right out of the box and you can use it as soon as you receive it.
  • Three different sizes. Various sizes are available depending on the size or shape of your head.  Which is great because obviously not all of us have the same sized heads!
  • Easy to wear. Very comfortable, slips on the head easily and no need for any preparation.
  • Long return policy. There is a 90-day window for the buyer to be able to return the product.
  • Easy to travel with or store. It’s smaller than a t-shirt, so it’s very easy to travel with or keep in a drawer.
  • Easy to wash. Very easy to clean by washing it with other items.
  • Cannot be broken. It is fabric, so you cannot break it like other devices.
  • Dental work is OK. If anyone has had caps, crowns, dentures or any other type of dental work it is not a problem.  Nothing is inserted into the mouth, so anyone with any kind of dental issues will be fine.


  • Cannot breathe through the mouth. If you are a mouth breather, this product works by keeping the mouth closed the entire night.  Will be a problem for people with any type of allergies.
  • Not cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
  • $60 per unit is fairly expensive.  And you have to buy two at once.
  • Not a full refund. There is a 25% environmental waste disposal fee.  So you really do not get 100% of the money back.


conclusionAll in all, this is a good product to use to stop snoring.  There are many positives why someone should purchase this.

Including the ease of use, once it is opened, it is ready to be used.  The buy one get one free is a great offer, as someone can have a second one ready as a backup or when the first one wears out.

As stated, it is a great option for 80% of snorers, and it does not matter if there has been any type of dental work done before.

The three different sizes make sure there will be a comfortable fit, and the way it fits on the head ensures it will not fall off during sleep.

This product is recommended as a solution to stop snoring.

Click Here to Access the Official My Snoring Solution Website

Which device should I choose?

No one can answer this question for you. Your mouth and needs are unique, so one that I love or that your neighbor swears by may not be the best solution for you.

There are numerous products available to choose from, so if you are feeling overwhelmed this is perfectly normal. I have written several reviews on products I have personally tried and you can always use the chart I compiled for comparison purposes.