The NasiVent Nasal Dilator is described as an anti-snoring tube that is slipped into both nostrils and is worn internally in the lower part of your nose while you sleep.

This small device is constructed of medical grade silicon and is made up of two short tubes that are connected by a thin silicon band.

Discreet and not easily noticed

The whole nasal dilator is fabricated from a single piece if silicone so there is no chance of the tubing slipping upwards and getting lodged in a sinus cavity.

The only part of the dilator that is visible once the short tubes have been inserted into the nostrils is the tiny band that connects the tubes.

The makers of this tube say the product is discreet and indeed they are correct. The small connecting band is barely visible.

How the dilator is meant to work

The bottom part of the nose that flares outwards, the nostrils, is made of cartilage and is somewhat flexible.

As we age this cartilage can become softer and when we breathe deeply, as we do when asleep, the cartilage can collapse and literally get sucked closed. Some people are just born with softer cartilage.

The dilator simply keeps this collapse from occurring. A positive point worth noting is that this nose dilator actually comes in four different sizes.

The one-size-fits-all approach is all too common when it comes to anti-snoring products and this company gets high praise for not falling into this sad category.

As far as keeping the nostrils flared goes, this device works well to prevent nostril collapse. However the bigger question here is; does wearing it at night actually keep you from snoring?

Is the nasal dilator really an anti-snoring product?

Well, the answer to this question is no. Right on the website the makers of the NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator state that this product is designed to keep the nostrils opened and by doing this the person wearing the dilator will breathe more easily through the nose while sleeping on their side.

This fact alone is supposed to keep them from rolling over onto their back and breathing through their wide open mouth. When sleeping in a back position the tongue is very likely to slip backwards in the mouth putting pressure on the airway, which then collapses enough to cause snoring.

All of this is freely acknowledged on the NasiVent website and is part of the FAQs page information.

The truth is; those of you who really want to stop snoring are more likely to find success by using an anti-snoring product that tackles the whole tongue issue directly!

No Independent Testing

This product is intended to ease the process of breathing through the nose and has many endorsements by various doctors and ENT specialists attesting to this fact.

These interesting testaments are all anecdotal and as such fall short of the higher bar which is set by independent scientific testing. For those of you seeking a valid product that will actually directly deal with a snoring problem it’s always prudent to look for products that have had this type of impartial and independent scrutiny.

Price point and customer service

The NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator tube will set you back just under thirty dollars and comes in packages of two. A small carrying case is included.

The product is guaranteed to last at least four months and with proper care will most likely last much longer. If at all dissatisfied with this product there is a money back guarantee if you return the product within 30 days (shipping costs will not be refunded).

All in all this tube won’t be too expensive for those who are concerned about nose breathing problems and the fact that it can be so easily returned is a definite plus.

Final thoughts about this product

So far we haven’t really touched on the delicate issue of possible messiness that could be associated with using a product that is meant to be inserted into the nose.

Clearly you would want to think twice about using it if you were at all congested. However, when you take into consideration the fact that, if you aren’t squeamish, the nasal dilator can be easily rinsed out under the tap then perhaps this messiness factor won’t be such a big deal after-all.

To sum it all up:

  • If your nostrils collapse when you breathe deeply the NasiVent Nasal Dilator can help you out.
  • If you want to treat a habitual snoring problem choosing another independently tested anti-snoring device would be wise.
Click Here to Access the Official NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator Website

Which device should I choose?

No one can answer this question for you. Your mouth and needs are unique, so one that I love or that your neighbor swears by may not be the best solution for you.

There are numerous products available to choose from, so if you are feeling overwhelmed this is perfectly normal. I have written several reviews on products I have personally tried and you can always use the chart I compiled for comparison purposes.