You may have heard that PureSleep claims to be the “#1 Snoring Solution.”

So, you probably are wondering if this is true, and if it is what makes it so special?

Well, it is important to keep in mind that this is an “As Seen on TV” product, so it is sold in mass quantities, but that does not necessarily mean that it is the most effective option.

What is PureSleep?

This product is classified as a mandibular advancement device. It works by holding your lower jaw in a forward position. In return this keeps your airway free of obstruction while you sleep. In this position, soft tissues are unable to vibrate together to make the snoring sound you are familiar with.

This device is made of two types of plastic, both of which are BPA-free and latex-free. It is cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and it is made in the USA with American-made materials. It is custom-fitted at home using the boil-and-bite technique. However, prior to completing this process it allows you to adjust the top and lower pieces in one of three settings first for a more precise fit.

Customizing Your Mouthpiece

Some people who are already nervous about the boil-and-bite process may really feel a little stressed over dealing with two unique pieces rather than one. However, take comfort in knowing that this appliance is a lot easier to fit than you might expect.

When it arrives, you will notice that the manufacturer has sent along very clear instructions that tell you how to line the trays up in your desired setting. This is a very important step and you cannot proceed until you are firm on a setting. Once you are happy with the positioning you can begin the next step.

To do the boil-and-bite technique you will need two small bowls, a pot, and a slotted spoon. Bring a couple of cups of water to a boil. Once boiling, pour the water into one of the bowls. The other bowl you will need to fill with ice water. You can go ahead and get this ready, too.

Submerge the mouthpiece in the bowl of hot water for the specified amount of time in the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove from the water and allow it to cool a few seconds. Put the device in your mouth and bite firmly for about 45 seconds. Your bite will make a mold of your mouth in the softened material. Remove from your mouth and place in the bowl of ice water to speed up the hardening process.

Company Information

about-companyDr. Douglas Fenton, a San Francisco dentist and snorer developed the product along with Noel Lindsay, a business man and snorer. For more than a decade, Dr. Fenton and colleagues prescribed mouthpieces that cost around $400. Lindsay realized that there would be great business potential for a mouthpiece similar to prescribed varieties, but priced significantly lower. In 2007, the PureSleep Company was founded.

Although an established company and product it should be noted that there are complaints about the company on file with the Better Business Bureau. There were some complaints about the product itself, but most were made because of shipping and billing issues. Unlike some complaints that go unresolved, PureSleep has resolved these issues, so the cases have been closed.

Let’s Talk Price

priceFor a while now, the company has been offering a buy-one-get-one deal. For $59.95 and $10 shipping and processing you get two mouthpieces. This averages $35 for each one, which is quite a good value. Sometimes the company also runs another special. You pay $9.95 plus shipping and handling, and you get to try the product risk-free for 30 nights. After this your credit card is charged the full price of the device.

Pros and Cons

There is no such thing as a perfect mouthpiece. It is easy to get caught up in the popularity of this heavily marketed product, but it is important that you become aware of both the pros and cons of this device while making your buying decision.


  • Three settings allow you to adjust lower jaw positioning.
  • Boil-and-bite process lets you get a custom fit.
  • American-made product manufactured from materials made in the USA.
  • Cleared by the FDA.
  • Material is BPA-free and latex-free.
  • Generous life expectancy of six to nine months.
  • Risk-free 30-day trial period requires you to only pay $9.95 plus shipping.
  • Manufacturer offers two products for the price of one.


  • It is important that you get the jaw advancement setting right the first time because once it has been molded it cannot be changed.
  • History of complaints with the BBB, however they have been resolved.
  • Will likely cause soreness and drooling.
  • Lengthy delivery time, as the product typically arrives in two to four weeks, depending on if you order online or call on the phone.

Is PureSleep Right for You?

alternativeThis is an affordably priced anti-snoring mouthpiece and most will appreciate that you can try it for 30 days by paying only $9.95 plus shipping. The mouthpiece is designed by a dentist and manufactured by an established company. Although there have been past complaints with the BBB, the company did work to resolved them.

It has air holes that allow you to breathe through your mouth, and on the official website it says the product can be worn with partial dentures, implants, or a crown, providing the dental work is at three months old.

This mouthpiece is made in the USA with American-made materials that are BPA-and-latex-free. It is also cleared by the FDA. Plus, it is a nice bonus that you can adjust the lower jaw positioning before doing the boil-and-bite process. However, on the downside, this setting is irreversible, so you have to get it right the first time. Based on my research, I recommend PureSleep to those looking for an affordable snoring solution.

If you are looking for one in this price range that is more comfortable, in my opinion, then I recommend trying ZQuiet. It comes ready-to-wear right out-of-the-box, so you do not have to worry about getting the jaw positioning or the boil-and-bite process right.

ZQuiet features Living Hinge Technology. This unique design allows you to move your mouth freely and even sip water and talk while wearing it. It takes up minimal space in your mouth and has airflow posts to ensure you can breathe through your mouth while you sleep. This device is nonirritating, and is also made of a BPA-free and latex-free material.

ZQuiet is FDA-cleared and costs $59.95, but you can try it risk-free for 30 days for $9.95. I found ZQuiet to be very effective and comfortable when I tried it myself.

Click Here to Access the Official PureSleep Website

Which device should I choose?

No one can answer this question for you. Your mouth and needs are unique, so one that I love or that your neighbor swears by may not be the best solution for you.

There are numerous products available to choose from, so if you are feeling overwhelmed this is perfectly normal. I have written several reviews on products I have personally tried and you can always use the chart I compiled for comparison purposes.