For more than two decades people have turned to a mandibular advancement device (MAD) to stop snoring. There are dozens of MADs on the market today; Snore Eliminator just happens to be one of them.

Like others, it stops snoring by repositioning the lower jaw in a forward position. This helps to keep the airway free of obstruction so tissues do not vibrate and cause the snoring sound. So, does this device measure up to the competition?

A Closer Look

Like many other MADs, this one allows you to achieve a custom fit in the privacy of your own home by using a boil-and-bite process. I will explain this in a few minutes. Although this mouthpiece is made of a hypoallergenic material it is not stated to be cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Also, even though the material is said to be medical-grade it is unclear if it contains BPA or latex.

This mouthpiece does not allow for jaw position adjustments once the fitting process is completed. However, it does have an air hole in front to allow you to breathe freely through your mouth.

Achieving a Custom Fit

The boil-and-bite process can be a little intimidating to first-timers, but I can assure you that it is quite simple. Do not panic if you don’t get the fit perfect the first time. You can always repeat the process. To achieve a custom fit you will need a pot, two small bowls, and a slated spoon or pair or tongs.

  • Bring a small pot of water to boil.
  • Once boiling, remove from the heat and pour into a bowl. Although you do not have to do this step it is better than risking touching the appliance against the side or bottom of the hot pot.
  • Submerge the mouthpiece in the hot water for a few seconds. This softens the material, so it can be easily molded around your teeth.
  • Remove from the hot water and allow it to cool a few seconds.
  • Place the device in your mouth and bite down into the softened material with your jaw in a forward position. Press against the inside of the mouthpiece with your tongue, as this will help to form around your teeth.
  • Remove from your mouth and place the device in a bowl of cold water to help speed up the cooling process.
  • Insert the device and make sure you are happy with the fit. If you are not, then start over from the beginning. As a general rule you do not want to heat the material more than three times.

An Introduction to the Company

about-companyDr. William Vachon of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, had been practicing dentistry more than 15 years before he designed the Snore Eliminator. The Company behind the product is Sylvan Inc., which is owned by Sylvan Newby. This oral appliance was made available to the public by this Myrtle Beach-based company in October 2011.

How Much Does it Cost?


priceThis device is quite affordable, as it is sold for $37 per unit currently, and this includes free shipping. If you are looking for an even better deal you can order two for only $47, and this also includes shipping. The product is backed by a 30-day “110% money back guarantee.”

Pros and Cons

Like all MADs, this one has its share of pros and cons. It is important that you become familiar with both before making your decision.


  • Air hole in front lets you breathe freely through your mouth.
  • Holds your jaw in a forward position to help keep the airway clear.
  • Affordable price includes free shipping.
  • Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Creator had more than 15 years of experience in the dental industry prior to designing the product.
  • Able to achieve a custom fit at home using a boil and bite technique.


  • Will likely cause jaw soreness, as well as some drooling.
  • Lacks the adjustability feature some devices have.
  • Not suitable to wear with dentures, crowns, caps, or bridgework.
  • Not BBB-accredited or FDA-cleared.

Here is What Critics Have to Say

Snore Eliminator has effectively stopped snoring in many people. However, there are also some who have provided complaints about the product online. Most agree the fitting process is simple, but some say that the device is really bulky and not comfortable to wear. Some users have also complained of jaw soreness, but this is common in MADs because your mouth has to get used to its presence.

My Final Thoughts on Snore Eliminator

conclusionIn the few years that this device has been on the market, it has earned a good reputation. Although you are able to achieve a good fit it is definitely not as comfortable as others. This has a lot to do with the material. If it was a little thinner it would not feel so bulky in the mouth.

I do appreciate that this oral appliance has a breathing hole to allow for mouth breathing. This makes it suitable to wear if you have sinuses, nasal polyps, a deviated septum, bad allergies, etc. I also like that there is a money back guarantee and it includes shipping. So, if you decide to return it, you will not lose out on any paid shipping charges.

This mouthpiece is affordable and many have had a positive experience, but for a few dollars more you can get a product that is higher quality. Based on my experience, ZQuiet would be the device I would recommend.

ZQuiet features Living Hinge Technology™, which allows you to breathe through your mouth, talk and sip liquids while wearing it. It is made of a non-irritating, latex-free and BPA-free material, and has a low profile design that consumes very little space in your mouth. Unlike Snore Eliminator, ZQuiet requires no boil-and-bite fitting process. It is ready-to-use when it arrives.

Click Here to Access the Official Snore Eliminator Website

Which device should I choose?

No one can answer this question for you. Your mouth and needs are unique, so one that I love or that your neighbor swears by may not be the best solution for you.

There are numerous products available to choose from, so if you are feeling overwhelmed this is perfectly normal. I have written several reviews on products I have personally tried and you can always use the chart I compiled for comparison purposes.