Stop Snoring Pillows: Do They Actually Prevent Snoring?

snoring-pillowsLet’s take a look at the anti-snoring pillow and discuss its effectiveness in dealing with the problems of snoring. Anti-snoring pillows are based on the idea that sleeping position is the major cause of snoring.

Unfortunately, this is true for only a very few people who snore. The vast majority snore for other reasons. So, right off the bat, the anti-snoring pillows have a strike against them.

How the anti-snoring pillow works

The major difference between an anti-snoring pillow and its regular non-therapeutic counterpart is the way it is designed and constructed. Anti-snoring pillows are made to keep the head in a specific position that allows for a wider more open airway. The majority of these pillows work to tilt the head back somewhat and support the neck while keeping the head positioned correctly.

They come in a variety of designs for folks that snore and the main target for these pillows is people who sleep on their back and side sleepers. A few are even made for those who sleep on their stomach. The important factor to consider when purchasing one of these pillows is that each is designed for one sleeping posture alone.

We change positions while we sleep

While it’s true that people have a preferred position for going to sleep, most folks change their position several times during a single sleep session. If you are a restless sleeper or even if you just move from one position to another occasionally during the night, the likelihood of these pillows being effective to prevent snoring is very low.

Consider the price point

Another thing to consider, when thinking about purchasing one of these pillows, is their price point; they are very pricey. Here’s something else to think about. If you are one of the people who snore because of sleep position there are other solutions to this problem that cost you nothing; see the articles titled Natural Cures for Snoring: Fight Snoring the Natural Way and Reasons we Snore: The Common Culprits

If you want to change your sleeping position you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a pillow that likely won’t work.