Useless Snoring Solutions: Buyer Beware!

There’s a whole host of anti-snoring cures available today. The fact that you are reading this article means that you are most likely looking for a snoring solution for yourself or the loveable snorer in your life. In your search for the right solution no doubt you have come across some plausible possibilities as well as some products that are totally ridiculous.

This article briefly outlines what some consider as the “fringe” group of anti-snoring products. The best advice one can give on the topic of useless snoring solutions is; buyer beware!

Having said all this; let’s have a look at some of the most common anti-snoring alternatives.

Anti-Snoring Chin Straps

chin-strapThere are many chin strap designs to choose from. They are all meant to close the mouth and keep it closed throughout the night-time. It won’t take much imagination to figure out they look funny when worn but, looks aside, do they actually work?

Once again, we find the same old problem that’s been previously discussed; this anti-snoring device treats only one type of snoring. It’s designed for people who snore because their mouth hangs open when they are asleep. If this isn’t why you snore then a chin strap will be a waste of your money.

There are a few tests you can do yourself that will help you understand the source of your personal snoring problem. To get more information about these quick to perform tests read: Determine Why you Snore; Easy Tests you can do alone.

When you look at most chin straps it isn’t hard to see that they are likely to be uncomfortable. Some chin straps have numerous straps and buckles involved in their designs. Getting this style positioned correctly and actually buckled up is bound to be a challenge for even the most co-ordinated person. Other options are less complicated and if you are lucky, one could possibly work for you.

The most promising chin strap design is the style that holds the chin in a sling and has openings on either side for the ears. This one should be more comfortable with the added bonus of being less likely to slip out of position.

All in all, a chin strap could work to stop a very specific type of snoring but you may have to try a few to find one that is comfortable enough to wear all night.

Anti-Snoring Pillows

pillowThere are many differently shaped anti-snoring pillows available on the market. They are all designed to do one thing and that’s to hold the head in a specific position so that the airway stays more open and as a result, snoring won’t occur. These special and often expensive pillows don’t work for some obvious reasons.

People move around and shift position as they sleep, rarely staying in one place all night long. The pillows become dislodged and the whole intention of their use is negated. Even if a person were to stay put in one place, the pillow can correct only one cause of snoring and sleep position is not the only cause of snoring. There are many others. For more information on this subject read this article: Stop Snoring Pillows: Do They Actually Prevent Snoring?

Snoring Rings That Use Acupressure

ringAcupressure is based on similar principals that the ancient Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture uses. In the practice of acupressure, pressure is used against specific spots on the body (called meridians) instead of the needles that are used in traditional acupuncture. A snoring ring fits on the baby finger and is meant to be worn at night-time.

There is a tiny metal bump on the inside of the ring that puts pressure on a specific spot (meridian) that is supposed to provide relief from snoring. It’s possible that some people are helped by wearing night-time jewelry but the likelihood of a snoring ring being a worthwhile purchase for folks who want to quit snoring, is very poor.

Alarm Clocks

watchesYou may come across a few anti-snoring alarm clocks out there in the wacky world of snoring “cures”. They are designed with one purpose in mind; to wake you up when you snore! The alarm on the clock is set up to ring when noise (in the case the sound of your snoring) reaches a specific level inside the room where they are placed.

They function by responding to loud noises, much like that famous light that comes on when one claps. Just imagine the joy of being awakened time and time again, as the night progresses, to the sound of a wailing alarm. No doubt many of these clocks end up in pieces having been thrown against the wall in the middle of the night!

A few of these clocks come equipped with a vibrating pad that is wired into the clock. The pad is attached to your body and the vibration is what is supposed to alert you to the fact that you are snoring. The vibrating pad is meant as an alternative to the ringing alarm. Either way the intention remains to wake up the snorer.

The reasoning behind the ringing or vibrating clock design is that, once awakened, you will change position (roll from your back to your side). This whole horrific idea is impractical from more than one point of view. As we have already discussed, sleeping position is the source of only a few peoples’ snoring. You probably don’t need to be convinced to pass up on this particular anti-snoring solution!

Look For Independent Testing

When considering one of the alternatives keep your wits about you. If they make wide and sweeping claims without any independent testing being evident then they are most likely not going to work for your snoring problem.

There are more widely accepted anti-snoring solutions available on the market today. Read about the anti-snoring mouthpiece here: Oral Appliances; can a mouthpiece help my snoring problem? The mouthpiece solution for snoring is a much better way to go for people who are serious about snoring relief.