When Snoring Becomes a Serious Problem

snoring-serious-problemSnoring is the noise that permeates a person’s nose or mouth when sleeping. It is usually loud, noisy and generally annoying enough to keep your bed partner from sleeping. The snoring occurs when there is an obstruction to the flow of air through passages located at the back of the mouth and nose.

The area at the back of the throat often narrows forcing the usual amount of air to pass through a more restrictive opening. When this happens the tissues around the opening can vibrate making all manner of noises that we refer to as snoring.

When one person snores sometimes two people are tired

The immediate and most reported complication of snoring is the daily complaint issued from a bed partner. Your partner is looking tired and ragged and is reminding you again of all the sleep that has been lost due to your incessant snoring. Your response is typical of many. You shrug it off with a nonchalant denial.

But your partner knows better and a short argument ensues over your night time practices. Both of you become increasingly impatient and irritable with one another indicating at the very least that snoring has become a problem that has moved well beyond the talking stage and needs a real solution.

Now we already know how dramatically a partner’s snoring can impact on their significant others sleep. It leaves them tired, frustrated and even angry, especially if there isn’t a second bedroom to retreat to during the night. But what about the person who is doing all of the snoring.

What about the person who snores?

So, what complications from a night from a night of “sawing logs” exist for the snorer? After all, they seem to be is asleep and are usually unaware of the physiological changes happening to them during the night. A person who snores needs to know the potential problems that can arise from their night time habits. As with their partner, a snorer can experience sleepiness during the day.

A person may appear to be getting a good night’s sleep as they snore away the hours but the truth is they might be getting less sleep than they think because of a condition known as sleep apnea. One of the most deadly things associated with sleep apnea is the lowered level of oxygen in the body of a sufferer. This can lead to a number of health issues, including stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and depression.

Snoring and daytime drowsiness

Sleepiness during the day is another problem that occurs alongside apnea and it can sometimes be deadly. A person can find it more difficult to concentrate while at work making the job harder to do, or when safety is a factor put fellow employees at risk of injury. A lack of focus due to a poor night’s sleep will not only impact on your job but can easily lead to higher risks of involvement in accidents of all kinds.

Think about the deadly consequences of dozing off while at the wheel of your own motor vehicle. Now, even worse, imagine your children are in the car with you. There are many repercussions that stem from a poor night’s sleep and daytime drowsiness is one that needs to be addressed.

Snoring and mood swings

Lack of sleep can also make a person easily frustrated and even angry. Mood swings are no fun to live and can take a toll on any relationship. When taken into the work-place the consequences can be serious too. The end result might even mean loss of employment.

Snoring is a serious problem

As we have come to learn snoring can no longer be flippantly disregarded as a nuisance bed partners have to endure. In the past the person who snores would have been the butt of someone’s joke but today a more seriously minded perspective prevails.

The medical field has learned a great deal over the years about cause, risk and correlation with chronic or sever snoring. If anyone is a chronic snorer it is in their best interest to seek advice from a medical professional as soon as possible. The field of medicine has treatments to help. You will be glad of it and so will your partner.